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Fungie, the Dingle dolphin, found in Kerry on the south-west coast of Ireland, is now the world's longest resident wild dolphin in a harbour. (that record had been held by a New Zealand dolphin, "Pelorus Jack" for over a century) His presence was first reported to the Natural History Museum in 1983. This year he celebrates 30 years as a friend and neighbour to humans. The photographs here are from a book,"Ireland's Friendly Dolphin," published by Brandon in 1992. The book is out of print but email if you would like a print copy of any photograph here.

Dingle, Dolphin, Fungie, Harbour, Ireland, Ireland, "Irish marine life", Kerry, Wild, "west of Ireland"
2D1B6392CF354E12Paddy Ferriter, Dingle lighthouseman03 Dolphin Atlantic Trawler14 Fungie & Boat01 Dolphin Iveragh05 Dolphin Canoe Lads06  Dolphin off Slaidin07 Fungie at Dinghy08 Fungie Jump09 Fungie Mercury10 Fungie Backlit11 Dolphin over diver15 Dolphin Belly